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Month: March 2017

Advantages Of A Welding Helmet

A protective headgear used while welding or cutting metal is called a welding helmet. This headgear protects eyes and exposed parts part of the face from harmful Ultraviolet rays, the speck of particles that fly from metal and sparks. It is a common accessory for most welders and sculptors. These helmets are a must to prevent eye damage caused due to a condition called ‘arc eye.’ There are many article source which you can read up on arc eye, and such articles can be found on The welding helmet, when used, prevents the retina from damage and thus preventing eye injuries. Since you can easily damage your eyes, it is important to buy a good welding helmet. Apart from preventing eye injury, there are many other advantages too. Let us find out some of the advantages.

Most welding helmets have an opening or a window through which the welder see the metal. This window has a filter called the lens. This lens can be made of either glass or plastic. The quality of welding helmets depends on the type of materials used in the overall making of the helmet. The lens comes with the auto-darkening glass, which changes according to the intensity of light.
Automatic darkening helmets are more advantageous than other types as the worker does not have to adjust his position to see the metal. The welding helmet based on the intensity of the light produced increases or decreases the brightness, providing more protection than the traditional ones not fitted with auto adjust feature. This kind of helmets with auto adjust feature is useful, especially while working in places where the light varies. If you are working outdoors and with no fluctuation, in light, the traditional welding helmets can be used.

It is always best to buy welding helmets that follow the quality standards and regulations set by safety authorities in the location you stay. Buying standard helmets, guarantees the user of safety. A cheap helmet can compromise on your safety, always check before buying one.
Another aspect of welding is metal specs flying towards your eye. Welding helmets provides safety against metal splattering and sparks. By use of these helmets, workers can without worrying about their safety concentrate on work, not only productivity , the work quality also improves with the use of good quality welding helmets.

Welding generates a lot of heat and using a helmet on your head can intensify the heat. But the use of automatic darkening helmets considerably gives relief from the excess heat. The welding helmets are designed to be more comfortable for the worker as they have to wear this all the time during work. Helmets come with soft padding with pores to absorb the sweat and grime and provide better air circulation than traditional helmets. Welding helmets are light in weight so that the stress on the neck and head is reduced and the helmet can be worn longer.

The modern helmets these days are very cost effective. Any welder concerned about safety can easily afford to buy one and work efficiently and be more productive in the work offered.

Framed Vs. Frameless Pool Fences

framed pool fence

At times it can be a tough ask to choose between the various types of pool fences that are made out of glass. The thing is that there are three different types of pool fences which are commonly bought and used by people. It will be smart of you if you opt to buy and install Glass Fencing Perth around your people. It has been stated by some well-known sites such as that it can be a very safe way to take things forward. The truth is that there is not a lot of difference between the three major types of glass pool fences in terms of price.

The three main types of glass fences, i.e., frameless pool fences, framed pool fences and semi-framed pool fences are different in terms of look. So, the choice depends on the look of the pool and the way one of these types of glass fences complement or enhance it. A framed glass fence is a fence that is made out of glass blocks within a metal frame. As per the size of your pool, a certain number of these blocks or frames are joined together to form a complete fence around the pool.

It is up to you to decide whether you want a fence of this type. Here you will also need to keep in mind that on most occasions the metal posts or frames are extended well inside the ground in order to provide a lot of strength and stability to the entire fence. In the case of semi framed pool fences, the various glass blocks are separated from each other by metal posts which is more or less similar to the situation in framed glass fences. The difference lies in the fact that in these fences the glass blocks do not bind metal to the top and bottom.

It is stated by a number of experts that semi framed glass pool fences are a good balance between frameless and full framed pool fences. You can opt for them if you too want to balance out the overall scheme of things. It can prove to be an excellent idea later on.
In case of frameless glass pool fences the overall beauty of the pool is enhanced in many ways. The reason behind this is that from the outside there is a complete view of the pool without any metal poles or frames blocking any part of the pool. In case you have an indoor pool, frameless glass fences of the right thickness (about 12 mm) will be a very good choice.

The thing is that irrespective of the type of pool glass fence that you choose you will need to buy a glass fence with thick and strong glass. Unless and until the glass is thick and strong you will not be doing justice to the overall scheme of things. At the same time, all the safety standards that are mandated must also be met in order to maximize the overall benefits.