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An Insight Into The Advantages Of Irrigation


As all of you know, the process of delivering water to the fields by harnessing water from available sources is termed as irrigation. It is primarily done to raise crops. The irrigation practices have continually been evolving from time to time. The portals of highlight the importance of present-day irrigation practices. The suggest various green technologies that help in the process of irrigation. Seawater desalination can increase the amount of water available for different agricultural practices. Let’s look further to know more about these practices.

Setting up an irrigation system
If you have a larger yard, you might be spending a lot of time to irrigate your field by hands. You can choose to set up an irrigation system based on types of plants, fruits or vegetables that you grow. Certain plants require watering daily and certain others on a weekly basis. You can either use the sprinkler or drip irrigation. Identifying your water source is necessary. It can be from a nearby lake or stream or ground sources like springs and wells. Using a drip irrigation system has various advantages.

Helps protect plants
One of the most significant benefits of irrigation is that the plants can be prevented from diseases and weed attacks. When you practice drip irrigation, the water reaches the roots of the plants and leaves the leaves and flowers. This system prevents the weeds from germinating. The chances of blight diseases have been considerably reduced with irrigation.

Saves time
If you are a busy person, setting up an irrigation system could save a lot of time for you. Hand watering with the help of a hose pipe consumes most of your precious time, especially during the morning and evening. These watering rituals lessen your quality time with family. Both, a drip as well as a sprinkler irrigation system can be preset to spare your time. As the timer shuts, the watering process gets over. It can also save on a lot of water. It gives you more time so that you can keep planting and pruning in one side while the other part is being watered.

Conserves nutrients
When you use a hose pipe for watering, there is a possibility of allowing too much water seepage into the soil. It could result in the leaching of nutrients. The plants begin to starve, and the soil becomes compacted. Soon you could see the signs of withering in plants. The chances of root disease are high because of suffocated soil. Both, sprinkler and drip irrigation system allows water to be sprinkled in drops thereby helps to prevent nutrient loss and reduces soil compaction.

Saves water
Over the past few decades, there has been an increasing awareness for conserving water and other natural resources. Watering by hand can result in wastage due to evaporation. Automatic irrigation systems can save enormous amounts of water by irrigating the fields at pre-set conditions. Apart from conserving water, it also supports the growth of your plants and increases your land value. Thus, make most out of these irrigation systems and preserve your landscape.

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