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That Extra Information You Need On Drill Bits

A drill bit is a carefully designed piece of metal which lies at the base of an engineering project. Though it is one of the most basic tools in engineering, not many people know what the facts about these drill bits are. Did you know that each drill bit is designed for a particular use? There are also a variety of drill bits available in the market today. Here at, you will get to read the reviews on the various products in the market.

Today, let’s start at the basic level and try to understand some important facts about drill bits.

What is a drill bit?
That’s the first thing to understand. A Drill Bit is a cutting tool. It comes in many shapes and sizes according to the use it is being put to. The main purpose of a drill bit is to create holes in the material that is being drilled. This helps the material to be joined with other substances. So you can think of the drill bit as a generous tool that helps to connect substances by providing a hole.

Bit length –what you should understand
The length of the bit will determine the depth of the cut in the material. The accuracy and stiffness of the hole created also depends on the length of the bit. If you have a long bit, you will get a deep cut; however, make sure that the accuracy is perfect.

What is meant by Tip Angle?
The angle of the tip of the drill bit is an important feature that determines the shape of the hole. You will need a wider angle for harder material like a metal piece. When the material is wood, you can use a tip with a much narrow-angle. According to the texture of the material being cut, you will have to change the angle of your drill bit.

Is shank size important?
Yes, the shank size is very important. The shank size has a tremendous impact on the efficiency of the drilling. The shank is that piece that goes into the drill chuck. These shanks also are being produced in different sizes and shapes. Each one will suit a particular design and purpose. For example, if the shank has a hexagonal shape, it will be easier to use on hard materials. You can also use them on surfaces with less slippage.

The drill bits are made of different materials like
· Aluminum
· Brass
· Cast iron
· Mild steel
· Stainless steel

The coatings too are of various materials depending on the purpose to be served. You get the drill bits coated in:-

· Diamond
· Black oxide
· Titanium nitride
· Titanium carbon nitride
· Zirconium nitride

Each drill bit plays a major role in determining how the finish of the final product will be. The finer the design, the bigger the role of this tiny tool will be. You may think it is not an important piece of metal, however as the saying goes-Mighty oceans are created with the help of small drops.

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